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About the Chamber



Chamber of Authorized Auditors was founded according to the Law on Accounting and Auditing („Official Gazette of RS“ no. 46/2006), for the purpose of improvement and development of the accounting and auditing profession, implementation of international accounting and auditing regulations and harmonization with these regulations, protection of general and individual interests in performing of jobs in this field, organizing providing of services in this field, execution of exams for acquiring of the professional title, granting and removal of licenses for performing jobs of auditing of financial statements, as well as for realization of other goals in the field of accounting and auditing.

Members of the Chamber are Authorized auditors employed in auditing companies and certified internal auditors, as well as auditing companies.

Bodies of the Chamber are: the Assembly, the Council, the Supervisory Board and the Disciplinary Commission.

Constitutive Assembly of the Chamber was held on November 15, 2006, when the Chamber of Authorized Auditors officially started to work.

The model according to which the Chamber of Authorized Auditors was founded is based on experience and solutions of chambers and institutes in this field of the largest number of countries of Western Europe and almost all countries which joined the EU recently. [more...]



Добродошли на сајт  Коморе овлаш
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